Misha is telling his friends about Russia's most famous library. Complete the text with these verbs. Use the Present Passive or the Past Passive.

to present, to read, to found, to rename, to call, to give, to build, to rename

Russia's State Library is in Moscow. It is the largest library in Europe and the second largest library in the world. It is also Moscow's first public library. The library ... in 1862 and ... the Rumyantsev Library. Originally the library had contained the books from Count Nicolai Rumyantsev's book and manuscript collection. Those books ... by his children. The library grew quickly, and thousands of books ... to the library by private collectors. In 1924 the library ... after Lenin and became the country's national library. At that time the main building of the library... . It took about twenty years to finish it. In 1992 the library ... again and became the Russian State Library. Nowadays there are thousands of ancient manuscripts and unique documents in the library, which ... by thousands of people every day.


Ответы и объяснения


1.was built

2.was called

3. were given

4.were presented

5.was renamed

6.was founded

7.was renamed

9. are read