Rewrite the sentences in the Passive voice.

Model: Somebody robbed the house last year. — The house was robbed last year. When did they rob the house? — When was the house robbed?

1. Somebody lost the keys in the garden.

2. Somebody will send an e-mail tomorrow.

3. Somebody has borrowed this book.

4. They will charge a fine.

5. They make phone calls every day.

6. When did they publish the book?

7. What did they use to make pizza?


Ответы и объяснения


1. The keys were lost in the garden.

2. An e-mail will be sent tomorrow.

3. This book has been borrowed.

4. A fine will be charged.

5. Phone calls are made everyday.

6. When was the book published?

7. What was used to make a pizza?