Раскройте скобки.

we (собираться что-либо делать) to go to bed.

Do you live (далеко от) you college?

Our English lesson (делиться) two hours.

It (заниматься) at 3 o'clock.

Want are you going to do (в конце недели).

Are you to stay here (на субботу и воскресенье)?

We usially spend Sunday ( в деревне).

He (уделять много времени) was English.


Ответы и объяснения


We are going ti go to bed

Do you live far from you colledge?

Our English lesson continue for two hours

It starts at 3 o'clock

What are you going to do in the of a week?

Are you stay here on holidays?

We usually spend Sunday in a village.

He worries a lot of his English.