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Jack and Molly (be}_1_twins and it was their nindi birthday. This exciting day (make)_2_them (feel)_3_ very special. In the morning the postman (bring)^_4_a lot of parcels which (address)_5_to them. They (get)_6_ a lot of beautiful presents, and. to their great joy. a fme new bicycle each from Mother and Father, which they (dream)_7_about for long time. When Molly (go)_ 8_to bed that night she put all her presents on the dressing table. She (canXb_9_(hear)_10_her brother in the next room (walk) 11_noisily about. She in bed (plan)_13_lovely rides that she and Jack (take)_14_ as soon as they both (leam)_15_ how to manage their cycles. She just (wonder) 16_whether mother Get)_17_them (go)_18_to Brighton when at once she became aware that something (move)_19_in her room. Molly (raise)_20_ her head. She (see), 21_ something large and round (move)_22_softly on her dressing-table. Bigger and bigger it (grow) 23_. Then it (stop)_24_ (rock)_25_ and (fall)_26_ to the floor. Molly (spring)ib_27_out of bed. She never (dress)._2S_so quickly in her short life. When the thing understood that he (watchX)_29_he (hurry)_30_on and out of the room.


Ответы и объяснения

1.will be 2.will making 3.will feeling 4.will bring 5.will getting 6.will dreaming 7.will going 8.she will be hearing 9.will walking 10.will taking 11.will leaming 12.will wondering 13.will getting 14.will moving 15.will raising 16.will seen 17.will moving 18.will stoping 19.will rocking 20.will fallin 21.will springing 22.will dressing 23.will watching 24.will hurring