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3.1. less expensive

2. more fashionable

3. less colourfull

4. more comfortable

5. less formal


4. it is better to wear the uniform to school. if your school doesn't have such, you can put on something not colourfull.

beautifull dress is the best choice to wear to the club

If you are backpacking you need to have something very comfortable and simple - like T- short, jeans, shorts.  but of course if you go to some cold place it is important to have something warm, like sweater or jacket.

During the homework you'd better put on a T- short and jeans.

If you go to the interview you'd better wear something formal and not colourfull.

For sunbathing it is better to wear a swimming suit.

When you go to bed you usually wear pijama.

for playing tennis it is better to wear tennis skirt or shorts and a T-short

If you are a biker you need to have a leather jacket

During the rain you should have a rain-coat