помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение по агглискому "мой любимый фильм и почему",но такой не взрослый,а какой нибудь детский,подростковый и поподробнее, заранее спасибо)


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My favorite film is Madagascar.I saw all parts or this film.I like this film because it is very funny and beautiful.Most of all I like the character Alex.He is so funny!!!I like the third part better that others,because this part very kind.All part a saw with my friends.This film is very good!You should to saw it!
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I can say that my favorite film is "How to Train Your Dragon" (Как приручить дракона).  It is about friendship between boy and dragon. Because of them, two strong rivals - Viking and Dragon - found the common language. This film is very good and funny. It tells us about love, friendship between different creaters. It says you should be yourself  in any situations. 

This film may be watched not only by kids, but their parents should pay attention on it too. Because in film you see relationships between Iking (the main heroy) and his forther, who does not understand him.  And of course it has happy end.