1) I'm trying to watch the news. 2) Don't make so mush noise. 3) Go up to your bedroom. 4) You can't play here. 5) I'm doing my homework. 6) Go downstairs. 7) It's very nice, Buddy, but I have a headache. 7) Please, don't play in here. 8) Go outside. (Пожалуйста переделайти эти предложения в косвиную речь


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He said I was trying to watch the news. 2) he asked me not to make so much noise. 3)he said to go up to my bedroom .4)she said that I can' t play here. 5)he said that he was doing his homework . 6 ) she said me to go downstairs .7) She said to buddy that it was very nice but she has had a headache . 7)she asked him not to play here. 8)she asked her to go outside