Помогите пожалуйста если не трудно

13. Sam really ___ to pay more attention during lessons.
a)ought b)should c)might
14. You ___ expect me to know everything!
a)have to b)can't c)must
15. You ___ to use your mobile phone on an aeroplane.
a)aren't allowed b)can't c)don't have
16. Let's ask Eleanor - she ___ know.
a)can b)shouldn't c)might
17. I ___ see you later if I finish work on time.
a)can't b)might c)must
18. He ___ to get there before we do.
a) is bound b)must c)is able
19. ___ attend the meeting?
a) Must I b)Do I have to c)Am I
20. You ___ pay for the hotel room. Your company has already paid.
a)can't b)don't have to c)mustn't


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