Помогите пожалуйста, мне надо написать письмо по англ. Пете лене васи кати неважно кому


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  • marsyu
  • почетный грамотей

Dear  Nastya,

Thanks for your letter of 10th January.I*m really happy to become your new pen friend.

First of all I was very glad to get it. Sorry, but I was too busy, so i couldn`t answer you.I had to learn for my exams.They were very hard and I didn*t  have time for anything.Fortunately, I passed all of them and now I*m having my winter break.

I*d like to hear more about your work,what music you like,what you do in your free time and anything else you think I should know about you.

As for me,I come from a small familly.There are three of us:my mum,my dad and me.My parents live in the country.They are retired.I live in the centre of London in a flat.

Anyway ,I*d love to be in touch with you and I can*t wait to hear from you again.

Lots of love