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To be honest, I rarely thought about the issue on a computer in my life, and what role it has in my life at all. But this does not prevent me safe to say that the role of the computer, to some extent, a leading. Stated simply, important, very, very much.
I remember a time when I did not have a computer ... My life was sad and pretty - still unoriginal. But it happened!
One sunny day I was given a computer. First, of course, I did not understand what it is and what it eats. But to learn the computer, it took me not too long, and life began to gain momentum. What is there already tell the truth, at that moment I did not have a computer, I was normal, gently girl almost had no friends, and a lot of his personal time stayed in the library. But the change that I had internet.
Since then she has changed me and my life changed radically simple. I've got a lot of friends, I can communicate with their peers from different cities and countries. The computer can give me most of what I need now for my life.
This genius of modern technology I have achieved many things in his life.
Firstly, I was easier to learn. Computer regularly really helps me in getting new knowledge necessary information. I am preparing for lessons, looking for additional literature, without leaving home, write essays, get ready to meaningful competition. Last year, during the quarantine I studied remotely, getting assignments from their teachers.
Secondly, thanks to the computer, I won the regional competition for Journalism in the category "Young Journalist," which was held at Kirovograd State Pedagogical University V.Vinnichenko. In writing his article, "10 or 12 ... All" for "and" against ", which, incidentally, was published in local newspaper" Ukraine-center ", I used information public sites, exchanged views with friends during the interactive dialogue took interview. Now I am able to participate in the school talent contest, and the computer helps me to direct it. Prepared for the contest song. And the words and music I found in your favorite "comp."
Also, when I got my computer, I found for myself a new hobby. Graphic photo editing program Photoshop. My girlfriend in awe of my ability to create "miracles," and all this because of the opportunities computer.
A computer game! It's just a lot of fun and a great advantage: the development of attention, memory and logical thinking. On the screen come alive any child's imagination, the characters of books and fairy tales. But it is also alive and objects of the world, numbers and letters. One of the important features of computer games - training. Therefore, increases intelligence and personality.
We live in a time when the world is so fleeting. All hurry, hurry .... To keep pace with time to possess information, as one "who owns the information - owns the world." I do wonder. And in order to obtain the necessary knowledge required information, I have trusted aides - books, computer.
Rhetorical question: book or computer? Now many of the older generation is that we had read. But this is not true. We read, we read from the electronic media. And then we become useful to the computer.
Computer! I do not understand how people ever lived without it. The computer in my life - this help system, and entertainment center, and a way of correspondence and communication with friends. Computer - this is our future. Work it teaches us a new way of obtaining and processing information, and the ability to obtain necessary for material and process it quickly accelerates and optimizes the process of thinking, helps not only more but also better rather address new challenges.
The information in the scientific and technological progress is constantly changing. We - generation era Cybernetics constantly need new information, new knowledge, we want to get them at this point immediately. We absorb it like a sponge. And the computer first for us mate.
In this competition prompted me to take part human desire indifferent to the problems of the school: Out staffed computer lab. I want my friends also loved working with computers as I do. For this lesson should be conducted using ICT. I think that participating in this contest will help make my wish.