Напишите слова в скобках в past simple.

1.What did you do last night ?

I(go) to the cinema.

What film (you/see)?

The Pink Panther 2

2. Why (not/Emely/come ) to Terry's party yesterday ?

She (have) to study for an exam.

3.I (read) the book you (give) me about dinasaurs.

(you/like) it ?

Yes. It (be) very interesting.

4.Where (you/spend) your summer holidays ?

We (go) to Jamaica.

Really ? What (it/be) like ?



Ответы и объяснения

  • abll
  • хорошист

1) went

2)What film did you see

3)why didn't Emely come to Terry's party yesterday

4) she had

5) I read,    gave

6) Did you like it

7) yes, it was

8)where did you spend your.......

9)we went

10)what was it like




1. went;   what film did you see

2. why did not emily come;    she had...

3. read;    gave;    did you like it?    yes it was very...

4. where did you spend your summer holidays?  We went to Jamarica. Really? What  was it like(не уверена, что так)?