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Quite bright, spacious room with a large window and a dark burgundy curtains on it.The walls are plastered with cute wallpaper for coloring reminiscent of peach: red-orange-yellow ... On the walls hung a few pictures with some strange abstractions made in red and black scheme, comprehensible only likely to the author and the one who is hung on a wall ...Next to the window is a desk and a soft claret chair against the table to weigh quite a large mirror and a chest of drawers stands. And next to it a small bookshelf. Against the door to the room housed the bathroom door, and in the far corner is a pretty big bed covered with a red bedroom suites. On against the bed is a small table and a TV on it.

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My room is very light and large. There is a sofa on the right. Next to the sofa there is a yellow nightstand. You can see a vase with flowers on my dresser. On the left side of the dresser there is a window. And next to the window there is my desk where I do my homework. Of course,  I have a computer desk with my new net-book which connected to Internet. Along the long wall of my room there is a book-case with many shelves for books and CD-disks. There are some posters with my favorite pop-singers on the walls. And in the middle of the room there is a colorful carpet. I love my room!

 Моя комната очень светлая и большая. Справа стоит диван. Рядом с диваном есть желтая тумбочка. Вы можете видеть вазу с цветами на моем туалетном столике. С левой стороны от комода есть окно. А рядом с окном мой стол, где я делаю домашнее задание. Конечно, у меня есть компьютерный стол с моим новым ноутбуком, который подключен к Интернету. Вдоль длинной стены моей комнаты есть книжный шкаф с множеством полок для книг и компакт-дисков. Есть несколько плакатов с моими любимыми поп-исполнителями на стенах. А в середине комнаты есть красочный ковер. Я люблю мою комнату!