Помогите составить диалог на тему "Неудачное путешествие"

Можно использовать парочку предложении таких как:

1) It rained every single day

2) Our flight was delayed by six hours

3) The meals in the hotel were appalling.

4) My luggage got lost

5) The beach was dirty and crowded

6)I left my passport at home.

7) There was no air conditioning in our room

8) I was bitten by mosquitoes

9)Some money was stolen from my backpack

10) There was absolutely no nightlife

11)I got ill


Ответы и объяснения


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-How are you?

-well. and you?

-well now. You know I Had a holiday and went to Egypt.

-Oh. cool! Tell me please about your jorney!

-oh. It was terrible!

-terrible? why?

-first Our flight was delayed by six hours. We sat at the airport. We were very tired.

-that's bad. But it is an usual thing.

-ok. when we arrived we were said that my luggage got lost!

-oh. yes. it is terrible. did they find it?

-only in several days. I have no clothes! 

-What about hotel? was it good?

-quite good. But It rained every single day. I sat at the hotel all the time. Only once I went to the beach.

-that is awful! 

-yes. I was glad to return home. My luggage was found but Some money was stolen from it.

-oh my god! don't be upset. Next your jorney will be fun! I am sure!

-I hope. thanks.