переведите сказкут Грибок-Теремок с Русского языка на Английский


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There was a mushroom-Teremok. He lived lived and once passed it ant.

- Mushroom-Teremok, can I stay? "said the ant.

- Can be said to mushroom.

And became an ant live in the blast. And one day passed near the mushroom fly and asked mushroom - Teremok

The mushroom, can be and I in thee, yea?

"Of course you can " said the mushroom, and shelter fly.

In another time jumped past the frog and she asked mushroom:

- You and I in thee, yea?

"Of course, " said the mushroom, and shelter and a frog.

And once crawled snail, she also asked, and a good mushroom-Teremok shelter and her.

But here once rode through the forest Bunny. And he was a bully and a bully. And he also asked to sojourn in Грибочке-a cottage. And it allowed the kind of fungus. But as soon as Bunny settled in the " small Palace, he immediately began to безобразничать and all offend. It was not pleasant to anybody, and the mushroom said:

- Honey, you bully, now, let me go away from me.

"Don't go " said the hare and stayed in грибочке. But the mushroom began to decrease. A fly flew муравьишка hid himself in a corner, a frog jumped out of the window, and the snail reached into his house, because he had it tough. And only a Bunny couldn't do anything and remained in the грибочке. And fungus squeezed it so that Bunny trembled:

"Oh, оеей...

"Well, go away, honey, in the good? - he asked him the fungus.

-Go away, go away, " said the Bunny. Mushroom finished and a Bunny like scalded jumped out of the fungus. And the frog, a fly, the ant and the snail again began to live happy, Yes good profits. Fun and friendly.

Now this is not an intricate tale. Morality, I think, you retell not worth it. Daughter, in any case, she knew herself. It is easy, take a few minutes to your child at bedtime. But believe me, you give him, perhaps, more invaluable help in life, than schools and institutions. And maybe your child will remember you with the same gratitude, as I now think of my mother, which is long gone. Yes and school institutions, should give a man of knowledge, and not moral, and educate should the family.