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I really like the band Linkin Park.Mne enjoy their singing and their style: very offended when people say that Linkin Park terrible gruppa.No despite all this I am very obazhaet this group(перевод)Мне очень нравится группа Линкин Парк.Мне нравится как они поют и их стиль.Я очень обижаюсь когда говорят,что Линкин парк ужасная группа.Но не смотря на все это я очень обажаю эту группу.

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About 50 Cent. Jackson started rapping in a friend's basement. He used turntables to record over instrumentals.Another friend introduced him to Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC who was organizing his label Jam Master Jay Records. Jackson's popularity increased after the controversial underground single, "How to Rob", which he wrote in thirty minutes while in a car on the way to his studio. The track comically explains how he would rob famous artists. It's really best of groups and I like it.