Нрод помогите плиз надо составить 15 предложений на тему мой любимый урок (на английском если нетрудно)


Ответы и объяснения


My favorite lesson is English.

Our teacher is very good.

Our teacher help us understand new words.

I love English, because there I learn new words, English grammar.

 English will help me when I visit England, or oter countries. I love learn it language. 

On English lessons we learn English traditions.

I think I must visit England.

There are a lot of interesting places.

England has five parts: The Southeast, The Soutwest, East Anglia, The Midlands and The North of England.

A lot of famous people born  there.

All these things I learnt on  English lessons.

Of course I love anoter lessons, such as art, PT, maths, but English is the best.

Sometimes we play in  English games.

Our teacher teach us that he knows himself. 

 English is difficult, but I will learn it good.