Restaurant with a Difference B4 Rapid River Logging Camp _________________________________________ LOCATE four miles north and ine mile west of Park Rapids in Hubbard County, Minnesota. B5 The smaller camps have now mostly disappeared but some of the ___________ LARGE ones have now become small museums, theme parks or restaurants. B6 The Rapid River Camp is a huge family style restaurent. Food is served and even DO the cooking ________ by staff in period costume. B7 One _______________ to choose one of the big, high calorie dishes loved by NOT real forest workers. In fact there is a large menu to suit all tastes and appetites. NEED B8 On Tuesdays and Fridays you can see demonstrations of a steam powered saw, CUT ______________ up the wood just as it did 100 years ago. B9 There are other attractions that are less expensive and ___________ to the town NEAR centre than the Logging Camp; but most people think the journey is well worth making. B10 I have seen plenty of these themed restaurants for tourists but The Rapid River GOOD camp is one of rhe __________.


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