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My favorite literary character - it's the little prince in the fairy tale of French writer, aviator Antoine de Saint Exupery. The little boy with disheveled hair, touching and lonely - so looks like the main character. He lives alone on a tiny planet the size of a house and in the morning removes his planet, vypalyvaya baobab seeds. Diligently care for the baby and beauty-rose that once sprouted from seed. But Rose offended Prince barbs naughty. One day the prince away from her, embarking on a journey.

On different planets visited our hero, and everywhere he felt like a stranger. Met the king, who boasted that he was. better and more beautiful than the other, though he lived on the planet alone. Was a drunkard. He drank to forget that he is ashamed to drink. Saw a business man who was once a living due to the calculations of useless numbers. Acquainted with the teaching, seeing nothing because of the books. Prince wondered what stupid things these people do, very lonely and unhappy. The boy had hoped to find friends, and was even more lonely. And he understands that there is nothing better than his home planet, his beautiful roses.

He returns home to over water it, protect from the wind. After all, the little prince in the answer for those who tamed. Prince learned to love, to feel affection for another being, acquired a sense of responsibility. The boy realized that the main thing - to give someone a piece of your heart.

Hero attracts me with its directness, simplicity, kindness, sense of humor and intelligence. He is constant in his affections, devoid of all greed. Kid seriously think about their own lives to understand what its worth, and he finds the right answer. Life is given to man to live it with other people, with those who need you. Never liked the man can not be happy. After all, "one can see rightly only with the heart."