Напишите сказку на английском языке))хорошую сказку чтоб 5 поставили)). Спасибо заранее))


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Once upon a time there was a small fox. His name was Nick. It was the first of September. It was his first day at  forest school. His mother gave him a cake and some sweets to eat it with new friends at school. When Nick came to school he saw that there were many small forest animals. All of them were talking, laughing and eating sweets. "So many animals and so little sweet" thought Nick. " I don't need friends. I will eat it myself" he said and hid behind a busch and ate everything. After school he went  home alone.  He was happy. He didn't notice a hole and fell down. The hole was very deep. He couldn't  get out of it. He started crying. Suddenly he heard somebody talking. There were some pupils from school. They saw Nick and helped him. He was very glad. "now I see, why we need a friend' he thought " We need a friend not only in joy but in sorrow"