Составьте текст 10-12 предложений о Шотландии. Не очень сложно , для 6 класса. Надо написать столицу, количество жителей, достопримечательности...


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Scotland is mountains and lakes, in one of which the usual mysterious Nessie, bagpipes and whisky and plaid skirts from under which a strange way see why the male ногиЛюбопытнейшая attraction, known for the whole world is a mysterious Nessie, allegedly found in lake Loch ness.
A number of places connected with the Royal family of Scotland: the Palace of Скун, the coronation place of Stirling Castle, the Castle Гламз, in which spent her childhood Queen Elizabeth was born Princess Margaret. Magnificent, baronial Castle Кратес, surrounded by ancient hedge of тисовых trees, and a Gothic Castle Inverary, located on the shore of lake fine.
Although Scotland and is considered to be part of the UK, all the same in itself is a separate country.
It is a country of beautiful mountain peaks, covered with Heather, deep and hair-raising mountain lakes, the widespread among the fairytale castles of the warm and sincere hospitality, most often expressed in the form of a glass of whisky, slowly потягиваемого by the fireplace with a crackling peat.
The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is the majestic and ancient city, crowned by a castle, towering high надулицами on a huge granite rock

Scotland lies to the north of England. People who live in Scotland arc Scots. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh, but Scotland has no separate Parliament, for the Scottish MPs (Members of Parliament) sit with the English ones in Westminster in London. Edinburgh is not the largest city in Scotland. Glasgow, which lias a population of over one million, is twice as large as Edinburgh. Even so, Edinburgh remains the centre of the life of Scotland. Here are the administrative centres of the Navy, the Army, and tlie Air Force, the chief banks and offices; and the famous university. Edinburgh, unlike Glasgow, has no large factories. Publishing is its well-known industry. It has been famous for its printers since the early years of the sixteenth century, when the first Scottish printing-press was set up within its walls. The publishing of books is today a very important industry. Much printing is done for London publishing houses, and there are many paper-mills near Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a beautiful city. The first thing you see in Edinburgh is the Rock -— the very large hill in the middle of the city, on which stands Edinburgh Castle.. The Castle looks like a castle from a fairy-tale, and parts of it are more than a thousand years old. From the top of the Castle there is a beautiful view of the hill and the sea. Besides the Castle there are many other interesting buildings, such as Holyrood Palace which is the old royal residence, the Art Gallery, the University of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is famous for many things: its festivals (plays and music), its college of medicine, its museums and libraries, and for its writers Sir Walter Scott, Robert Louis Stevenson and others.