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The art of romanticism arises up at the end of 18 - beginning 19 centuries in Europe. In the first fourth 19 centuries in Russia. The best people test dissatisfaction of life, dream about freedom and equality of rights, there is new literary appetence - romanticism in this transitional time. From French roman, not only in life of people but also in works.
The artists of romanticism do not take life in all her complications, and assert then what nearer.

  Romanticism does not require a verisimilitude and reasonableness. He asserts a right for an artist to express the dream on - to it, romanticism rejects any rules and laws. An artist is free and independent. If heroes of classicism people public, then heroes of romanticism other. Personality bright, independent, mostly rebel. A man is disappointed in the that world in that lives. The heroes of romanticism not only understand about the necessity of changes but also amend in life of people. Requirements of romanticism : freedom, power, indomitableness, eternal disagreement with surrounding - here the most valuable qualities of romantic. In romanticism, in a difference from other genres, there are unusual circumstances in unusual places. A plot co-stars rarely, he complements character of hero and his emotional state only. Often events before seeming very important leave on the second plan, and at times in general go out works.Writers devoting to romanticism offer an opinion clearly. Writer "I" is in all works of this period.  First "artist" of romanticism that occurs at a word "romanticism", George Gordon Byron. This greatest English writer mortgages bases of romanticism, he is not afraid to offer the ideas. It is especially bright "Pilgrimage is visible in his work Чайльд of Harold" that was one of the first лироотеческих poems.