вставить much, many. little, few, a few. a little.

1. There is so ... snow on the roof. 2. He has ... English books. 3. There are too ... flowers in this vase. Take ... for your wife. 4. Give me ... butter, please. 5. Pass me the jug, please. There is too ... milk in my coffee. 6. There are very ... pies on the plate. Take ... for your children. 7. Now there is quite ... water in the river. 8. Look! There are so ... people on the ice! 9. Open the window! There is so ... air in the room. 10. I have very ... books. You may take ... of them. 11. Give me ... cheese, please. 12. I can't drink this tea. There is too ... sugar in it.


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4.a little


6.few. a few.

7. a little

8. many


10. few. a few.

11. a little

12. much. 

Much Many Many A little Much Few/a few A little Many Little Few/a few A little Much