задайте 6 вопросов к тексту. Trafalgar Square is situated in the centre of London. But it is well known all over the world. The square is famous for Nelsons Column. There are four lions at the bottom of the column. You can see lovely fountains and historical monuments in the square. When the weather is fine,Trafalgar Square is full of tourists. They take photos,walk around the square and enjoy the sights. In December there is a colourful 50-metre Christmas tree in the centre of the square. It marks the beginning of Christmas and New Year in Great Britain. Different cultural festivals take place in the square. Everyone can take part in the events.


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1, Is Trafalga Square situated in the centre of London?

2What is the Square famous for?

3What can you see in the square?

4When is Trafalga Square  full of tourists?

5What do the tourists do there?

6What is there in the centre of the square in December?