Составте пожалуйста монолог на английском из 12 предложений на тему "наша школа"


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I want to tell you about my school. I am a pupil of the ninth form. My school is big: It has four floors. On the ground floor there is a gym, a cfnteen, a medical room and a library.  We usually have breakfast and lunch in the canteen.

Our gym is very up-to-dateSchool sport competions take place there. The school library is rather big. It has a lot of modern books . Pupils get textbooks for free  in the library.

The first floor is for primary school pupils. There several big classrooms and one with games and toys.

On the second floor of my school you can find the classrooms of Russian, Literatura. Biology and English. There three classrooms of English. They are decorated with pictures and maps. There are also a lot of interesting clubs at school. I like the theatre club. There is a large assembly hall in the third floor. School meetings and conserts take place there. I really like my school and I am happy to study in it.