Народ прошу помогите! Нужно раскрыть скобки. 1. I (wait) for a phone call. 2. I (break) my glesses three times so far this year. 3. Kate (reach) to the floor and (pick) up her glasses. She (step)on them. 4. She (have) a bad temper ever since she was a child. 5. Now whener Sarah (start) to lose her temper she (take) a deep breath and (count) to ten. 6. Now listen carefully. When aunt Mary (arrive) give her a big hug. 7. So she (drive) for 55 years . 8. In every culture people (wear) jewerly since prehistiryc times. 9. It (rain) when i left the house. 10.I (have) it for 6 years. 11.I (walk) slowly through the market. People (sell) all kinds of fruits and vegetabkes. I (study) the prices carefully before I decide4d what to buy. P.S. можете писать цифру и просто переделанное слово в скобках, заранее огромное спасибо!!!


Ответы и объяснения


1 am waiting

2 have broken

3 has reached \ picked / has stepped

4 has had

5 is starting / takes / counts

6 arrives

7 has been driving

8 has worn

9 was raining

10 have been having

11 have walked / sells / have studied


Скажи плз в каком ты классе и какое грам.время вы проходите?