народ английский !!!СРОЧНО помогите всего 1 задание во вложениях !пожалуйста умоляю помогите


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1. he had won ... the previous year, 2. he had never cooked ... 3. he had prepared .... the day before. 4. his job was ... 5. he was working ... at that moment. 6.  hewas sure the soup would be... 7. ... were going to... 8.  his own restaurant  was opeing that day and he invited...


1. He said that he had won two cooking expeditions the year before.

2. He admitted that he had never cooked anything Japanese.

3. He said that he had prepared lunch for the prime minister the day before.

4. He claimed that his job was as creative as an artist's. 

5. He added that he was working on a new recipe for tomato soup at the moment.

6. He said that he was sure that the soup would be delicious.

7. He announced that BBC were going to start showing his cooking programme the following month.

8. He said that his new restaurant was opening that day and he invited all of them for a free meal.