помогите составить 10 предложений или хотя бы 5....на правило Sequence of Tenses/Соглосование времён


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I went to bed early because I was very tired.

While I was watching TV, the telephone rang.

He didn't answer your questions because he doesn't speak English.



1. I knew that he had told her that he received the letters every week.

2 Harris said he knew what kind of place I meant.

3 Kate said that she woke up feeling ill and so he had stayed in bed.

4 She interested  she couldn,t have said it.

5 She told me that she would do it the next day.

6 I wondered if I had to do it right away.

7 I knew that she had been ill for two months.

8 She said she had been writing since I came.

9 I thought he would tell her that he interested to go to the cinema

10 he said that Jack had told her that he was writing a play.