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My favourite domestic animal is a cat. Its name is Chapa. My cat is very fat and kind. Its head isn’t big. Its neck is short. Its paws are small with big clutches. Its  eyes are green and clever. Its ears are small.  My cat likes milk and chicken. Most of all Chapa likes to sleep. I think cats are very careful and clever.

 Мое любимое домашнее животное – кот. Его зовут Чапа. Мой кот очень толстый и добрый. У него небольшая голова. Его шея короткая. Его лапы маленькие с большими когтями. Его глаза зеленые и умные. Его ушки маленькие. Мой кот любит молоко и  цыплят. Больше всего Чапа любит спать. Я думаю, коты очень аккуратные и умные.


I like animals. They are very cute. I have a cat. His name is Pahom. He loves to eat some sweet things, bread and fish. I like to play with him. He is crazy a little, but it's cool. I want to be like him., because it's better to sleep a lot and play than people problems. But it is impossible and only thing i can is keeping my cat. I think animals make people kind and happy.