Нужно срочно сочинение пр английскому " справедливо ли держать животных в зоопарке?"


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Zoo is an attraction to people. Most of us enjoy watching different kinds of animals in the zoo, because it entertains and amuses us. We can take a close look of how they look like for real. We can see how they behave, move and make sounds to communicate to their own species and to people as well.
The zoo is to keep wild animals from harming and killing people. Groups of animals can be seen in the forest and wandering in woods which can be very dangerous for people to come close to them.
On the other hand, when animals stay in the zoo, people are depriving them of freedom to live in a normal life in the forests and fields. Animals should stay in their normal habitat. We have the responsibilities to protect, nurture and preserving them in our environment.