Напишите небольшой рассказ про кошку Соню. На английском языке. Срочно надо.


Ответы и объяснения


A little kitten named Sonya was out in the garden one day. She noticed a beautiful butterfly and started chasing it. She ran through the fields and had so much fun. Sonya became tired and took a nap under the warm sun. Kittens need to eat and Sonya felt her stomache grumble. Where can she find something to eat? Sonya went on a little search for food. Luckily for her, she found a barn and went inside. There was a row of cows and Sonya started to drink some milk from the bucket. It was a simple day for the kitten named Sonya. 


My favourite domestic animal is a cat. Its name is Sonya. My cat is very fat and kind. Its head isn’t big. Its neck is short. Its paws are small with big clutches. Its  eyes are green and clever. Its ears are small.  My cat likes milk and chicken. Most of all Sonya likes to sleep. I think cats are very careful and clever.

 Мое любимое домашнее животное – кошка. Её зовут Соня. Моя кошка очень толстая и добрая. У неё небольшая голова. Её шея короткая. Её лапы маленькие с большими когтями. Её глаза зеленые и умные. Её ушки маленькие. Моя кошка любит молоко и  цыплят. Больше всего Соня любит спать. Я думаю, коты очень аккуратные и умные.