Make questions. 1. ____________________? Cotton is grown in hot countries. 2. ____________________? They have been living here for two years. 3. ____________________? Paul has written lots of poems. 4. ____________________? Alex has just won a prize. 5. ____________________? We have been running because it is late. Finish the sentences. Use enough or too. Choose from these words: long, fast, young, heavy, sweet. 1. l can't lift the suitcase because (too) _______________ . 2. I can't Eat these grapes because (enough)__________ . 3. I can't wear this belt (enough) ____________________ . 4. She can't go to school because (too) ______________ . 5. He can't win the race because (enough) _________ . 2.


Ответы и объяснения

1. Where is cotton grown? 2. How long they have been living here? 3. What has written Paul a lot? 4. What Alex just won? 5. Why we have been running? 1. heavy 2. sweet 3. long 4. young 5. fast

1. Where is cotton grown up?

2 How long have they been living here?

3 How many poems has Paul written?

4 What has Alex won yet?

5 Why have we  been running?


Finish the sentences.

1 i can't lift the suitcase because too heavy

2 I can't eat these grapes because  enough sweet.

3I can't wear this belt because enugh long.

4She can't go to school because too young.

5 He can't win the rase because enough fast