Compare Canada and Russia. What have the two countries got in common? Start your phrases with: both ... and; neither ... nor; although; since. 10 предложений


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Russia and Canada are great countries with long and interesting history. First thing that both countries have in common is harsh, cold climate. And here we can see first difference-while people that live in Canada hide in their warm and cozy houses, we Russians can survive in the wildest conditions. All that we need is fiery water(as Canadians call it) and our musical instruments. Point.

 Canada is a capitalistic country. If you don't know what is capitalism, let me explain-it is economical system where people are slaves of rich people, they're working for them all life. President of Canada is Rasputin. He is a great enemy of our great and saint master Putin, who leads us to great, stable future.

 While Canadians upgrade their godless Internet, we under the leadership of Prime Minister Medevedev create nanotechnologies that will make us indestructible.

 Remember Canadians both our army and people are strong and we won't stop until we capture your country for the honor of Our Great Leader.