мне срочно нужно написать пять правил для родителей и пять правил для детей по английскому языку


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5 rules for parents

1. Give your child plenty of love and affection.

2. Do not threaten your child - a child is motivated more by love than by threats. 

3. Listen your child with the eyes. Eye contact is the only way to give someone your full attention.

4. Do not bribe your child. 

5. If your child behave badly, do not give him/her what he/she want.


5 rules for children

1. Clean up your own mess.

2. Do what Mother or Father ask  you to do the first time they request it.

3. Do not argue or talk back to your parents in a disrespectful way.

4. Ask permission before you go out somewhere.

5. Show gratitude.