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Hello my friend! How are you? Thank you for your congratulation. 

I want to tell you about my birthday party! It was great. I invited my friends to a cafe. We had a big cake, juice, sandwiches and coke. Then we played bowling. I won several times. Then we went to a disco hall and danced there. The music was cool. I got a lot of presents from my friend. I liked that day very much.

How do you want to spend your birthday? Do you invite frinds to home or to a cafe? What do you like to do?

Sorry, I have to go to the shop.

Write me soon.


Dear Roma Thank you very much for the letter you sent me in August. I was very pleased to know that you are well. Our family misses you. Hope to see you next year. Could you please send me the books you mentioned during your stay in St. Petersburg? I would be very much obliged because I need them for my work. Thank you. Slava.