Пожалуйста, помогите составить проект "Будь здоров" по английскому 5 класс 10-12 предложений от моего лица .Спасибо Павел.


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Hello, my name is Paul.

I study at 5th class of our school.

There is big ecology problem nova days.

I think that all humans have to be strong and healthy.

Therefore all people must execute hard physical exercises.

For example - cancering on the hon-kong's cancer tool.

Also all people must have somebody to do physical exercise together.

It's beatiful, when you can do gymnastic with you friend.

I think we have do it how it did ancient people of greece - nude and with oliva oil.

We should not shame about our bodies, athleticly bodies cover by oliva oil shining on the bright sun - it is beautifull and very healthy. It is very important - be strong, healthy, and beautifull. Especially if all physical exercises be exuted by pair of man and girl.

Thank you for you attention.