Надо выбрать правильный ответ. 1. When (do/will) our classes start tomorrow?
2. The train from (arrives/will arrive) at 7.30.
3. I don't think the train (arrives/will arrive) on time. There's a heavy snowfall in Glasgow area.
4. I (will apologize/apologize) if you (will explain/explain) to me why i should.
5. I (play/ am playing) football tomorrow.
6. I (will promise/ promise) I (will phone/ phone) my granny.
7 We (go/are going) to St Petersburg some time soon.
8. What time (does/will) the bus arrive in Cardiff?
9. Alec (is going to write/ is writing) a letter to his patents in the evening.
10. We are having a party on saturday night,(will you come/are you coming)


Ответы и объяснения



2. will arrives


4.will apologize    explain

5.am playing

6.promise   will phone

7.are going


9.is writing

10.are you coming