1. Write in Passive Voice.

1) Postmen deliver letters every day

2) A lot of people play football

3) We visited our best friends in their place yesterday.

4) Our family has received the Xmas greeting from in relatives

5) My Granny has just cooked the apple cake

6) Tom Brown will buy a new Ford next week.

2. Fill in the modals: need to; must; have to; can.

1) A good football player ... train a lot.

2) You don't ... take the umdrella, I've got one.

3) ... you swim well?

4) ... I can him now?-No, You ...

5) If you don't want to play basketball, you ... do jogging

6) She ... hurry, it's dangerous.


Ответы и объяснения


lettter are delivered by postmen everyday

footbal is played by a lot of people

our friends were visited yesterday in their place by us

xmas greeting was received by us fron in relatives

the apple cake has just been cooked by my granny

new ford will be bought by tom brown



have to