Нужно сочинение на тему "Врать или не врать" на английском. Без замудреных слов.


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It is said that lying is a very bad thing. But I cannot completely agree with that. Here are some arguements.

       Firstly, there are some situations in life when we are in need to lie. For example: a man died. He had two little children. The death of a relative is a hard thing to understand and accept for children. So, Adults usually try to hide this kind of information just not to torture the kids.
       Secondly, lying can also help us in life. For example, to get the job or find a good lifepartner. But it depends on a person. Not everyone lies that much.

        Finally, if a child lies to his/her parents that will cause problems only. Also in any kind of relationships between men and women. So try to lie less and if the situation really makes you do that.