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1. Do you know what a cyber cafe is?

Have you ever been to one?

2. Do you know how to send an email?

3. Which sites do you usually visit?

4. Do you chat online?

5. Do you have your own website?

6. Does your school have its own website?

7. Do you buy anything on the Internet?

8. For what purpose do young people use the Internet?

9. What do you know about hackers and viruses?

10. How does the Internet effect our lives?

11. Has the Internet changed your life? If yes, in what ways?


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1.its a place which provides Internet for a fee. Yes, I had been there last Sunday

2. Open an email message window by clicking NEW MESSAGE. Put the email adress of the person in the TO: field. Then add the massage and click SEND.

3. I usually visit Wikipedia and Vkontakte

4.Yes, I chat online everyday.

5.No, I havent got my own website. But i want to.

6.Yes, my school has its own website called " название сайта" или No, my school hasnt got its own website

7.Yes, I usually buy computers or phones on the Internet

8.Yes, all the young people use Internet, because they can find everything there.

9.Virus is a computer programme which can replicate itself. Hacker is a person, who can make computers do everything.

10. The Internet help us to solve our problems

11.Yes, It has changed our lifes in good ways. It helps me in studing.