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Little mouse in a pink dress with a white bow, was running in his burrow and sing a song. Her voice was so thin and tender that every animal in the forest would be able to sleep at her singing. Then, the mouse heard a slight bump on the roof of their burrows - it was rain. Every minute rain all amplified and magnified. The mouse has closed a small round hole in the door and decided pochitatb tale. Suddenly, suddenly heard a strong knock on the door. From the sound of it was clear that someone was knocking very large. The mouse was very afraid to open the door, but then she had the courage and yet opened. Behind the door, I saw a mouse the cat, with a red spot on foot. The cat was all wet and almost crying from the cold. Mouse immediately said, "Come soon, and then get soaked!" Mopytalas cat go into a burrow but it did not work, it was too small for the cat. Then the mouse took a small green umbrella and ran to uditsu. Drops of rain is about to make a hole in the umbrella, but the mouse is still running to the bush with large leaves. She tore off a big sheet and carried it to the cat, curled up into a ball next to the mink. The cat mewed plaintively, but then her screaming stopped, the mouse covered kitty leaf and pressed cat with an umbrella, what would they be warm together. And so the cat and mouse waited dzhozhd. After this incident, these animals have become the best of friends! The end!