Привет, мне нужна помощь с домашней работой. Мое домашнее задание во вложениях.


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2. At 10.45 tomorrow she will be discussing the new Paris shop with George.

3. At 13.00 she will be having lunch with Alain Duport.

4. At 16.00 she will be interviewing people for the shop manager's job.

5. At 17.30 she will be visiting the Le Clerc factory

6. At 19.00 she will be looking at the new designs.

7. At 21.30 she will be flying back to Manchester.

8. At midnight she will be watching film on TV.



2. We will not be eating any natural food.

3. Children will be studying at home on computer.

4. We will be driving electric cars.

5. We will not be using telephones.

6. People will not be working more than 25 hours a week.



2. I think they will have found a cure for cancer by 2015.

3. By 2090. the world's population will have increased to about 30 billions.

4. Please don't phone me at 3.00.- I will not have left school by then.

5. Next year my parents will have been married for 25 years.

6. How will our lives have changed by the year 2050?

7. Go and by a ticket before midday, otherwise they will have sold them all.