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What I would like to become? This question puzzles me greatly. Every job has its difficulties and challenges. I think that nearly all the professions are very important in life. But to choose the right occupation is very difficult, because we must take in to consideration many factors. We must consider our personal taste and our kind of mind. At the same time we must satisfy the requirements of our society and peoples needs in one profession or another. 
The end of school is the beginning of an independent life, the beginning of a more serious examination. In order to pass that very serious exam we must choose the road in life which will help us best to live and work. Each boy and girl has every opportunity to develop his or her mind and use knowledge and education received at school. Some may prefer to work in factories or works, others want to go into construction: to take part in building power stations and new towns. Many opportunities to work and to satisfy at the same time the requirements of the society and your own personal interest are offered in the sfere of the services transport, communications and many others. 
I really like the profession of programmist. I like this profession because it very interesting. 
There are a lot of interesting and useful professions. I am going to become a teacher. I suppose my future profession to be one of the most important nowadays. 
My future speciality is English (Literature, Russian, History, Geography). I love children very much and to become a teacher has been my dream since my early childhood. 
To teach and to bring up children is the most important and noble thing, to my mind. I am eager to get the proper education to be able to do my best to teach my future pupils my favourite subject. I'll try not only to help them to master it. I'll try to help them to become good and clever people, to be honest, kind and noble. 
Children are our future and I want them to be really good and educated people. Of course, the profession of a teacher is not an easy one. It demands a lot of knowledge, a lot of tenderness of feeling and sometimes a lot of patience. But I hope, that I'll be a good teacher and that my pupils will like me and my subject.

Учитель-это профессия. Учитель должен учить своих учеников!  Учитель проверяет тетради, проверочные или контрольные работы. Учитель ставит оценки. Учитель бывает от 1-4 уровня, 5-9 или 10-11.




The teacher is a profession. The teacher should teach their students! Teacher checks the notebook, examinations or tests. The teacher puts the assessment. The teacher is from level 1-4, 5-9 or 10-11.


как то так!