Исправить ошибки в предложениях.

1.He bringed it to me.

2.Has he cuted his hand?

3/Have they came by bus?

4.This is a high ceeling.

5. You have take it too late.


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1.He brought it to me. (bring - неправильный глагол)
2. Has he cut his head?  (неправильный глагол) 
3. Have they come by bus? (Have + V3)
4. This is a high ceiling. (ошибка в написании)
5. You have taken it too late. (Have + V3)


1. He brought it to me.( глагол неправильный)

2 Has he cut his hand?( 3 форма глагола )

3 Have they come by bus? ( 3 форма )

4 This is a high ceiling.

5 You have taken it too late.