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I am (лёша) (твоя фамилия). (твоя фамилия) is my surname. I am (сколько тебе лет)years old. I am a first-year student at (название Вашего вуза по-английски, сделайте над собой усилие и переведите самостоятельно). I am going to work as a lawyer in the future. I enjoy going out with my friends and playing football. My hobbies are football and computers. My favourite music styles are D'n'B, Rap, Alternative and a few others. My favourite singers (они поют? или исполнители в смысле актёры? тогда actors) are CWT, Noize MC, and SOAD. Actually, I listen to anything that I like. As for reading, I prefer war novels. My favourite is "Sorry ... Your Name's Not on the List" by Vicky Robinson (это произведение имеете в виду?) Well, that's pretty much what I wanted to tell you about myself.