Complete the answers to the questions.Use too or enough+the world(s) in brackets.

1I need to talk to you about something.(busy) Well,I*m afraid I*m______to you now.

2 Let*s go to the cinema.(late) No,it*s_____to the cinema.

3 Why don*t we sit outside?(warm) It*s not____ourside.

4 Wouid you like to be a politician? (shy) No,I*m____a politician.

5 Wouid you like to be a teacher?(patience) No,i haven*t got___a teacher.

6 Did you hear what he was saying?(far away) No,we were___what he was saying.

7 Can he read a newspaper in English? (English) No,he doesn*t know___a newspaper.


Ответы и объяснения


1) too busy to talk

2) too late to go

3) warm enough

4) too shy to be

5) enough patience

6) too far away

7) enough English

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1. I am too busy to talk to you now. 2. It's too late to go to the cinema. 3. It's not warm enough outside. 4. I'm too shy to be a politician. 5. I haven't got enough patience to be a teacher. 6. We were too far to hear what he was saying. 7. He doesn't know English well enough to read a newspaper.