к предложениям спец вопросы)

He is reading a book about first English colonies in America

At 6 o clock.(They are going to come at 6 o clock)

Twenty seven (He is Twenty seven)

Twenty seven.(He has got twenty seven English books)

Twenty seven (The teacher had twenty seven pupils)

Twenty seven(There were twenty seven pupils in the class)

For twenty seven days(He has been here for twenty seven days)

Italian (Nell is going to study Italian)

Nell is(Nell is going to study Italian)

At 6 o clock (They had to get up at 6 o clock)



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What about is he reading? What time are they going to come? How old is he? How many English books has he got? How many pupils did the  teacher have? How many pupils were there? How long has he been here?  What language is Nell going to study? Who is going to study Italian?      At what time did  they have to get up?


1. What is he reading about the first of colonies in America.?

2 When are they goind to come?

3How old is he?

4 How many English book has hegot?

5 How many pupils  did the teacher have?

6 How many pupils were there in the class?

7How many days has he been here?

8 Where is Nelly going to study?

9 When did they have to get up?