1 Fill in the correct word (too or enough)

1 I left the coffe for a minute to cool becayse it was___hot to dring.

2 He wasn*t strong_____to lift that heavy box.

3 There aren*t____policemen in our town.

4 Do you have___information to help me with this problem?

5 It is___difficult to do for a little child.

6 I do not have___time to prepare dinner.

7 I didn*t buy the car because it was___expensive.

8 He didn*t work hard___to pass the exam

.9 My mum can*t sleep because she drinks__much coffe.

10 She isn*t old___to start driving.

2 Make one sentence from two.Complete the new sentence using too or enough.

1 I can*t drink this coffe.it*s too hot.

This coffe is___

2 Nobody could move the piano.It was too heavy.

The piano____

3 Don*t eat these apples.They*re not ripe enough.

These apples___

4 I can*t explain the situation.It is too complicated.

The situation____

5 We couldn*t climb over the wall.It was too high.

The wall_____

6 Three peopl can*t sit on this sofa.It isn*t big enough.

This sofa___

8 You can)t see some things without a microscope. They are too small.



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2. enough

3. enough

4. enough

5. too

6. enough


8. enough

9. too

10. enough



1. This coffe is too hot to drink.

2. The piano was too heavy to be moved.

3. These apples are not ripe enough to be eaten.

4. The situation is too complicated to be explained.

5. The wall was too high to climb over.

6. This sofa is not big enough for three people.

7. Some things are too small to be seen without a microscope.