Срочно!!! Рассказ о своей школе. Есть начало: I study at state school. It is a school for boys and girls. А дальше помогите написать пожалуйста!


Ответы и объяснения


...We have lessons every six days.My teacher ...(например inna Andreevna) is very kind and beautiful teacher.My favourite lessin is ...(Music).I and mu friends do with me to the dining room

. I have homework every day.Its boring.Its my school:)


I have about Seven objects every day.I like History,Russian and English of course.There are a lot of children : boys and girls.In my class 27 pupils.My school is a very popular place.Near my school is situated big library.It is very comfortable bring  books.My lessons start in 8:00 and finish in 13:30.Ну и так далее,если помогла отметь)