по английскому надо не говорить именно слово друг но описать его


Ответы и объяснения


Good to have a friend. With him, I feel powerful. After all, the general forces can cope with anything, the most difficult. Friend - is the closest person to whom all things in common. From it there are no secrets. He does not regret for me, just as I am for him. He always understands me. It is wonderful to have such a friend. I cherish them, do not swear at them and always come to his aid. Fidelity - the great law of friendship. One day I could not go to school, and I was sitting at home. The first day was even nice - you can sleep a little longer! But just a little time, and I got bored, I was lonely, sad. And longed to see each other. And I was happy and proud when he came to hang me. With strangers, I could not talk so openly about what interests me, and the other I share common cause. I am very glad that I have a true and loyal friend.