Пожалуйста помогите по Английскому написать диалог продавца и покупателя в магазине одежды. Покупатель хочет купить платье. Помогите пожалуйста буду очень благодарна.


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-hello. What can i help you?

-i would like to buy some clothes

-which clothes would yo like to buy?

-i want those jeans. How much does it cost?

- 100$. 

- ok. i will buy it

- you should pay for a bil

-Thank you

thank you too

ну вроде того, возможно, бред:) 


The seller and the buyer.

Oncle in a clothing store hold buyer and was the buyer very требовательн to a professional! podoschel the buyer to the seller and says: Good  day ! How are you doing? The seller he replied cheerfully: good day! Thank you good!!! you something to help??? Customer: Yes!" said cheerfully buyer. I need a nice dress yellow colour! The seller: I'm Sorry but all the dresses yellow sold out! Can you green? The buyer: But there is a light green color? Seller: Yes! You make a purchase? Customer: Yes! Thank you ! you have a good shop ! Seller: thank you! Here's your purchase! come again! The buyer paid the bill and went to the door.